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Affordably SexToys that will Light your Fire

Valley Secrets aims to be the UK’s number one choice for sex toys, adult games, lingerie, dress up, bondage and fetish gear, as well as a leading stockist in all your apothecary needs, condomslubes, and all sexual enhancers.

Choose from an extensive range of male sex toys, female sex toys, dildos, strap-ons, vibrators and anal toys to help improve your love life. Our products are perfect for a fulfilling and rich sex life full of pleasure, exploration and most importantly fun.

Fancy some sexy dress up? We aim to stock everything you could need for those keen on some kinky role-playing in the bedroom. We also have the perfect gear for dressing to impress on a night out.

Valley Secrets Lingerie  
Valley Secrets Bondage

From catsuits to corsets and French maid to fluffy bunny gear, we have something for everyone’s tastes.

Interested in enhancing your sexual pleasure? We stock a huge range of lubes to be used separately or in conjunction with sex toys.

Want to get something sexy for your partner? Find our great selection of giftsand romantic treats, sex games for the bedroom, and fun ideas all designed to make it a night to remember.

At Valley Secrets we offer free and discreet delivery on all purchases, and as long as it hasn’t been opened you are free to return any items bought within the last 2 months.

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